The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy
September 20, 2019

Let us face it, the majority of patients are upset initially when they hear they need to get a root canal in Doha. That is because root canal therapy has a bad rap when in reality this procedure can offer you myriad benefits. If you have visited a dental office near you and were told you require root canal therapy, do not worry. This vital procedure can improve your oral health for years to come. Today’s technological advancements have made root canal therapy relatively pain-free, causing much less discomfort than dental extraction and other procedures. In this article, we will be discussing the top benefits of root canal treatment.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Essentially, root canal treatment eliminates the infected or the inflamed pulp of your tooth. Once your dentist in Doha has removed the pulp, they will disinfect, fill and seal it with a special rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Lastly, your treated tooth is restored with a filling or crown for additional protection.

What Are the Advantages of Root Canal Therapy?

  • It stops the infection: When the pulp of your tooth is decayed or diseased, it will be on the verge of dying. Root canal therapy is crucial to bring the infection to a halt. While the outer portion of your tooth is hard, the pulp of your tooth consists of living tissues. When the tissues become infected, immediate treatment is necessary to manage the infection and provide relief.
  • It saves your tooth: If your tooth is infected and you ignore it for a long period, you could risk losing it. When you opt for root canal therapy, your dentist in Doha will likely be able to save the tooth. Some patients falsely believe that tooth extraction is preferred over root canal therapy, but when you lose a tooth you are only at risk for additional problems like teeth misaligned, bone loss, bite issues, tooth decay, and gum disease. When you resolve the issue of a diseased or decayed tooth through root canal treatment, you will not have to face these risks. This is another reason why saving your tooth will help you preserve the integrity of your smile.

When you visit your dental clinic in Doha, root canal therapy may last for your entire life. Root canal therapy is the ideal approach, otherwise, your only other options are extraction and tooth loss. There is no need to let your tooth reach this point, visit your dental clinic near you.

  • It alleviates your pain: The misconception that root canal therapy is painful is interesting because many patients are surprised that this procedure relieves the pain from a diseased and decayed pulp. Yes, root canal therapy may cause slight discomfort, but the sensations you will experience will not be much different than having a filling.

It is important to note, that when your tooth acquires an infection, the infection may have spread to your tooth’s root which connects to your jawbone. The chamber within the root of a tooth is essential because it transmits nutrients from your jawbone to the pulp of your tooth. Root canal therapy is the only way you can eliminate this pain.

Over time, your infected tooth will only worsen, which is why you should never ignore these dental issues. Do not wait for the pain to fade on its own, even if it does it is only an indication that the nerves inside of your tooth are dead. Save your tooth today with a root canal in Doha.